GREEN·SOL Inc., markets a complete line of specialty products including plant growth regulators, adjuvants, soil amendments, and micronutrients.

GREEN·SOL has developed a group of EPA registered products specifically designed to maximize crop performance through the use of plant growth regulators that occur naturally in the plant. These products help plants become more resistant to stress, produce higher quality fruit, maximize yields, and promote earlier maturity.

GREEN·SOL products are designed to produce specific crop responses and must be applied at a specific time in the plant growth cycle.

GREEN·SOL products are available as water-soluble powders or in liquid formulations. Exceptional quality control ensures that you receive the exact formulation every time. All GREEN·SOL products have a guaranteed analysis and have been thoroughly field tested.

Developing technologies emphasize that with the selection of superior seed varieties, along with adequate soil nutrition, and proper soil moisture. Crop yields can be increased through the use of properly applied supplemental plant nutrients and hormones.

You want results? GREEN·SOL products give results!

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